Details: @KnoxFinancial makes investment property ownership incredibly easy, giving homeowners who are ready to move and landlords who are managing their own properties a better way to build wealth. Learn more at

Knox offers a smart and frictionless way to turn a home into an investment property, manage that investment property, and secure the appropriate financing for a new home. Once enrolled in the Knox Frictionless Ownership program, the homeowner receives a payment each quarter, delivering passive income while empowering lifestyle freedom and superior wealth creation.

Knox Frictionless Ownership is ideal for:

1. Families who own a home, and are moving out of the home to upsize. They know that their home is likely to continue to go up in value, but don’t want to take on the burden of converting their home into an investment property and managing that property.

2. Retirees who own a home, and want to downsize. They have a few considerations: First, they’re staring at a huge capital gains tax bill, a realtor’s fee, and closing costs if they decided to sell their home. Second, they’d like to increase their passive income. Finally, they want to leave a legacy to their kids. Knox solves all of these problems at once.

3. People who already own investment properties, but want a smarter and less time-consuming way to manage them.