Details: @KEYSIEUSA is the new luxury convenience item for busy women with their patented, simple and elegant design you will never misplacing your keys again!

Keysie Key Wallet: A new staple of luxury and convenience in a busy women's life, Keysie is also a godsend to all the women who frequently ask, "WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!!"  Unlike key beepers and locators who use high tech to locate keys after you misplace them, Keysie's simple and elegant design prevents you from misplacing your keys in the first place, in a fun and fashionable way.
In addition to holding you keys, Keysie also holds your most used credit cards & Id making it a convenient minimalist wallet. Now you can to run to the store or dining hall hands free, leaving your heavy bag or backpack at home.
For safety, Keysie also holds your panic button and pepper spray, instantly accessible, at your fingertips, where you need them, when you need them.