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Job Hunt Express offers state-of-the-art tools to make job candidates more efficient and more effective in their quest for their next great job. It provides functionality akin to the software that sales professionals use on a daily basis to maximize their selling results but with a specialized focus on job hunting. For example, centralization of all data (contact information, notes, hiring “hot buttons”, documents, web links, etc.) related to a job opportunity is an important start to the Job Hunt Express methodology. Planning a customized strategy for each opportunity and organizing it into a structured calendar of calls, meetings, and other activities is the next important step in the process. Automatic updating and tracking of the implementation and execution of the strategic plan for each job opportunity is another key component in ensuring that job hunters are putting their best foot forward and not letting any opportunity slip through the cracks. Job Hunt Express keeps the user’s job search focused and on track until the next job offer is accepted.