Details: Get high-vibe streaming your way, try designer leggings, tops & dresses! @IrinaGorbman

IG MODA carries vibrant artistic leggings, tops, and accessories for gym and everyday life, made in limited editions at a sustainable manufacturer in North America. All pieces are designed for the do-it-all woman who is always on the go. The brand creates Art That Heals(tm) – an idea of color healing has its roots in the designer’s own art healing experience. Beyond the gym, these colorful leggings could be worn with casual sweaters, ponchos and small knitted monochrome dresses, combined with flats, boots and high heels. It’s ready-to-wear collection in the millennial style. Good for women going to gym, yoga & pilates studios, dancing & ballet classes, men going to cycling studios and kids walking to their daily activities. It’s a fun sportswear that is also an artwear, so families enjoy art by simply by looking at each other.

Unlike other colorful sports outfits available on the market, these products have unique design that is based on her original artworks and carries that happy meditative vibe with beautiful color combinations, that energizes the body from within and makes people smile and feel happy.