Details: Turning the world's top travel and food bloggers and influencers into modern-day travel agents. @fuzzy_compass

Fuzzy Compass is a B2B2C SaaS platform turning the world’s top travel influencers (travel / food bloggers, photojournalists, etc.) into modern-day travel agents. Influencers capitalize on their trusted, unparalleled destination knowledge by providing personalized one-on-one trip planning help for a fee, similar to a travel consultant (itineraries, Q&A, phone consultations). Fuzzy Compass offers a simple tool suite that makes it easy for influencers to market their services to their audience, set their own prices, manage requests, store content, display responses beautifully, and collect payment. Fuzzy Compass enables influencers to monetize their audience and deliver cost-effective, valuable, personalized travel advice to travelers planning complex trips to Africa, Asia and South America.