Tweet about this product: CRUSH student debt w/ @FutureFuel_io! Empowering employers to offer debt repayment & refi as a benefit exists to **crush** the student debt crisis with innovative, technology-driven solutions., simply put, makes debt repayment easy – for employers, platforms, and users. offers student debt pay down, as a service. Our best-in-breed B2B2C SaaS platform empowers employers and partners to “turn on” student debt repayment as a new employee benefit – enterprise-wide or for special employee populations. Employers offering student debt repayment are poised to win the war for talent, fueling the future of their sustainable competitive advantage by introducing a sticky incentive that becomes self funding within the first 15 months, due to employee retention alone. Launching such a coveted benefit also produces a powerful brand halo effect, positioning the employer as a destination of choice.

Refinancing and other value-add products are embedded into our open platform via a contextually-aware, targeted user experience, promoting financial literacy, based on the unique data footprint of the user. Our open platform brings multiple lenders to the organizations we serve, so that employees benefit from free market competition and choice. Refinancing is not offered as an “add on”, lead gen service. Refinancing is embedded into the onboarding process for users who are employed and/or engaged in the gig economy, increasing conversion rates. Users save, on average, between $19,000 – $24,000 through refinancing alone. Together, with repayment and refinancing, we are shaving *years* off of the lifespan of the loan.