Details: Forever Ink Project...Gateway to Creative Discovery. @iamjaewilliams

The Forever Ink Foundation is a approved 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization created to be a gateway for Boston youth to discover and experience all facets of creativity. Its mission is to inspire individuals to engage in artistic expression and celebrate the arts as a valuable element of their communities and society.

When exposed to the younger generation, art provides a platform for young adults to express themselves beyond the traditional classroom through programs like the Forever Ink Project. With year-round programming geared towards younger populations, the Forever Ink Project shows our participants that they themselves are a work of art and we work to inspire them to discover their personal genius and to share their gift through visual and literary arts.

With our founding principle that “art is life and the world is our museum”, the Forever Ink Foundation’s focus is to change the on-going trend in inner cities — a divestment and devaluing of art, creativity and self-expression. The Forever Ink Foundation will stimulate the community to invest in arts of all facets by developing culturally cogent avenues for the community to access art as well as to connect with and support future artists, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy for us all.