Details: [email protected] protein makes fish more vibrant because you are what you eat - and what they eat too!

By harnessing the potential of biotechnology, KnipBio is creating solutions for sustainable aquaculture. KnipBio’s game-changing ingredient combines the attributes of protein-packed fishmeal and carotenoids into one effective, affordable replacement — “FishKnip”, our first KnipBio Meal from a single cell protein.

KBM is a transformative breakthrough in the future of aquaculture feed, promoting digestive health for a wide variety of important animals. Tests using KBM have demonstrated that not only is the feed a suitable and palatable fishmeal replacement, but Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and shrimp experienced advanced benefits like high digestibility and lower mortality. Additionally, KBM has a positive resource, water, land-use and energy footprint.

KnipBio’s technological advancements will produce healthier, cleaner fish. We aim to reduce or even eliminate the need for over-fished feeder species, and stabilize rising costs to aquaculture worldwide.