Tweet about this product: DocFlight is a personalized nutrition and telemedicine platform connecting Chinese patients to the best US medicine.

China faces looming public health problems that can be significant improved with the proper nutrition guidance and treatment. 1 out of every 4 boys is obese, costing the healthcare system, $296 Billion over the life time of these children, 1/3 of the adults have cardiovascular conditions, results in 3 million deaths a year, the No. 1 killer among adults. Unfortunately, China’s nutrition science and dietitian training are at their nascency. The DocFlight platform provides personalized nutrition plans based on testing, telemedicine to US dietitians and physicians, and supplements and prescription drugs that are tailored to each patient. DocFlight allows for personalized treatment that would have greater efficacy beyond conventional supplements, and for custom formulation that would increase convenience and improve patient compliance. Also, its modular platform is designed to mix and match the different components, and thus will suit the needs and budgets of many.