The DLC is an intelligent networked system that automatically manages HVAC energy; including demand, kWh use and overall HVAC load during peak hours for industrial, commercial and retail facilities. By leveraging discrete zone data with weather conditions, the DLC ensures optimal building conditions with managed HVAC operation. Features include:
Web interface: User control: anywhere, anytime
Compatible across ALL brands of HVAC manufacturers
Software based A/C energy consumption logging
Reports/Graphs detailing use and activity for each unit
Thermostat lockout
Filter change notifications based on use, not time
Temporary over rides for a user-defined period
Fresh air intake if outside temp < 55oF (economizer feature) User defined pre-cool time prior to occupied/peak rate times Daily occupied/unoccupied settings Entered holidays defined as unoccupied so minimal energy consumed Email alerts for over/under temperatures for each zone