DailyFeats makes reaching your goals fun. Through the app or at, DailyFeats helps you break down your big well-being goals into manageable daily steps.
Every time you do a small but significant positive action, it’s a ‘feat’! Check in your feats to reach your goals, inspire others, and earn points toward rewards. With the DailyFeats app, you check in your feats on the go—earning points and getting inspiration from others in real time.
Use ‘My Feats’ to save daily positive actions to help you reach your goals. As you do them, press ‘Did It’ to check them in for points. To add new feats to your daily routine, search the categories of positive action in ‘Find Feats.’
Set up location-specific ‘Reminders’ by dropping GPS pins on your favorite places to do feats: your home, office, gym, grocery store, etc. At your chosen place and time, you’ll receive an automatic push notification to help you accomplish your feat.
For inspiration and support from the DailyFeats community, go to ‘People,’ where you can view, encourage, and comment on community members’ checkins. In ‘Rewards,’ redeem your points for discounts at neighborhood businesses, savings from national brands, or partner donations to 501(c)3 nonprofits.
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