Tweet about this product: .@collective_cup is a shared economy for reusable coffee cups - essentially the coffee cup equivalent to bike sharing. Coffee Cup Collective offers a guilt-free, to-go coffee without the inconvenience of a personal reusable cup. This is a solution for convenience-oriented environmentalists who love buying to-go beverages.

Coffee Cup Collective makes it sustainable, practical, and convenient to take local coffee with you, wherever you go – without the waste of a disposable cup. Coffee Cup Collective offers stylish, high-quality reusable cups, and actively distributes, collects, and cleans them so that they are available to subscribers at their favorite local coffee shops.

Coffee Cup Collective works to reduce the waste and bypass the recycling efforts entirely. Each time a Collective Cup is used, a single use coffee cup is spared from the landfill. At Coffee Cup Collective we envision a change in the paradigm of the to-go food and beverage market to create a shared economy for reusable packaging while maintaining the convenience of the to-go lifestyle.

How does Coffee Cup Collective work?
Coffee Cup Collective partners with independent coffee shops in Boston. Coffee and tea drinkers subscribe to the service via the mobile app and then:
1. Order in store and show the barista the Coffee Cup Collective app.
2. Receive coffee or tea in a Coffee Cup Collective cup after the barista scans the QR code on the subscriber’s app and the QR code on the cup.
3. Enjoy the coffee or tea in one of Coffee Cup Collective’s 18oz. stainless steel cup with a plastic lid.
4. Return the cup and lid to a collection bin. Coffee Cup Collective aims to make bins as ubiquitous as trash and recycling bins. These bins are located in participating coffee shops, partner corporations, partner retailers, and other partners such as hotels and apartment buildings.