ClearVote harnesses modern software tools and advanced hardware to create a comprehensive voting system designed to bring greater speed, accuracy, and transparency to elections.

ClearCast is the precinct voting component of ClearVote, Clear Ballot’s modular voting system. Operating on commercial off the shelf components paired with ClearCast software, the unit allows continuous upgrades in technology, eliminating technological obsolescence for jurisdictions. ClearCast also uses the Intel® NUC, an off-the-shelf mini PC kit providing voters with an overall faster voting experience.

Another component of the ClearVote voting system includes ClearCount, a browser-based tabulation, consolidation and reporting tool for election results. ClearCount tabulates and stores a high resolution ballot image, then uses its ballot inventory system to digitally sort and catalog all scanned ballots. ClearCount is the first system to provide election officials with vote visualization to enhance transparency in election results.]

ClearVote is easy to use and cost-effective, responding directly to the budgetary realities of America’s counties and municipalities. For more information about Clear Ballot, please visit: