Details: GREEN is the new Brown: environmental remediation, job creation & improving public health @ClnfieldCapital

Cleanfield Capital’s expertise lies in leveraging big data and predictive analytics to redevelop contaminated Brownfields that are economically unproductive and pose serious environmental, health, and economic risks to local communities. Cleanfield Capital’s goal is to significantly improve the financial viability of such brownfield projects with large positive environmental impacts using financial innovation and data driven analytics. By significantly reducing the risk of redevelopment, using a portfolio approach, they will attract private sector investment from impact investors, in the remediation and redevelopment of brownfields, leading to revitalization of depressed local communities. Their approach seeks to not only restore the environmental vibrancy of the neglected areas, but to repurpose them into sustainable and productive residential or commercial “smart” real estate developments utilizing renewable energy sources. Sustainable redevelopment, will lead to substantial environmental, and health benefits, for local residents while also generating new employment opportunities.