Details: Download @Cimetrics BACnet Explorer to discover all #BACnet devices #BuildingAutomation #BAS

Explore your Building Automation BACnet network:
BACnet enables IoT throughout a building’s lifetime. Plug-and-play BACnet Explorer for BACnet/IP with which you can discover BACnet devices on connected networks. Connect Explorer to a BACnet Network and it will automatically discover and display a listing of all BACnet devices on that network. Once a device is discovered, you can enumerate the BACnet Objects in that Device. Devices on different networks can also be discovered if the networks are connected by a BACnet Router or BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD). Display BACnet devices as they join networks in real time. Cimetrics expertise ranges from connecting edge devices in the depths of the boiler room, to securely leveraging the Internet for cloud connectivity, all the way to creating a digital twin of the facility equipment using BACnet’s rich metadata. Analytika SaaS provides clients with automatic fault detection and in depth analytics.