Details: Cancer Education and Research Institute @canceredinst is the first and only simplified, multi-language global cancer org. Its award-winning (incl. United Nations, UNIATF Award 2019) programs have reached 2.6+ million people worldwide and is saving lives around the globe.

Cancer Education and Research Institute® (CERI) (, is the first and only simplified and multi-language, global cancer non-profit organization. Its mission is to 1) make cancer and cancer research understandable for everyone; 2) bridge the gap between cancer professionals and cancer patients; 3) provide cancer research scholarships for promising high school students worldwide, career guidance, and mentorship; and 4) conduct in-house innovative cancer research and directly translate it to the public.

Cancer Education and Research Institute (CERI) is the first and only simplified and multi-language global cancer nonprofit organization. It acts as a hub to integrate all non-treatment aspects of the challenge that is cancer. It connects all the key constituents in the cancer community – patients, medical professionals, research institutions, academia, and pharmaceutical companies through its uniquely designed programs.

It provides:
1) Personalized patient-directed services (CERI Personalized Patient Program™)
2) Public cancer education for prevention and control (CERI Cancer Education Program),
3) Youth programs, career guidance, and research scholarships (CERI Youth Program™), and
4) Will soon expand to operate its own cancer research laboratory (CERI Cancer Research Program) in Boston.

CERI is the United Nations, UNIATF Award 2019 recipient.