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No matter who you are, how you fit into the cosmos, or what you do to feed your entrepreneurial spirit, Business On Tapp is built for you — on your Chromebook, your iPad, or your favorite Android phone.

For starters, we got sick of the mind-numbing vanilla self-promotional garbage that’s too often passed off as real business guidance. We hope you find this place different.

We know it’s not easy being on your own and it’s not easy building a business. But the freedom, the rewards, and the opportunity to be you with all your unique passion is what we’re all about.

Looking for a place to share a pic from that party or the visit to the Jersey Shore? Yeah, that’s another place. We’re about you, your business, your part-time hobby-biz thing, your creative outlet, your gifts and passion.

So take a load off, grab a glass, a cup or even a breath, and invest a few seconds of time. We promise to raise your game. Instantly.

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