Details: Never carry grocery bags in your hands again! Check out the Bodega Bag! @bodegabag

Hate carrying in Groceries? The Bodega Bag is for you! The Bodega Bag allows you to carry all of your grocery bags on your back. Using the Bodega Bag is simple. Place the Bodega Bag in your grocery cart or on a flat surface. Put your grocery or reusable bags in. Weave the long middle strap through the bag handles, clip, and tighten. Clip and tighten the outside straps and tighten the side drawstrings. The Bodega Bag is ready to be worn! After getting it on your back, connect the sternum strap to hold the Bodega Bag in place. Tighten all straps. Now walk leisurely around with you groceries in your Bodega Bag with your hands free, trying not to smile too big!