BetterScape is a social currency platform that lets Facebook users reward their friends for good deeds. The core idea is to use online social networks, starting with Facebook, as a way to recognize good behavior and encourage more of it.
How does it work? BetterScape users give each other virtual karma points in specific categories like Mentor, Earth Saver, Problem Solver, Fun Maker, and Super Parent. These points convert into badges. For example, you could be a “Level 9 Do Gooder” or a “Level 5 Peace Maker.” Activity on BetterScape gets published on Facebook, enabling public recognition of good deeds. For example, a Facebook wall post might read like this: Adam gave Julie 15 Mentor karma points and wrote “Thanks for sitting down with me last night to talk about grad school – I really appreciate the advice!”
BetterScape not only wants to reward good deeds, but we want to do them as well. As such, BetterScape donates 90% of the revenue from the sale of virtual karma refills to a different set of high impact non-profits every month.
To recognize the special contribution of Mass Innovation Nights to the local entrepreneurial community, BetterScape has created a new “Innovator” badge. If member’s of the Mass Inno community give 500 “Innovator” badges to their friends and colleagues before the July Mass Inno, BetterScape will donate $500 to the Charles River Museum of Industry, Mass Inno’s designated charity.