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BEEP, or Beacon-Enabled Events Platform, is a mobile engagement platform for events, tradeshows and conferences. It facilitates real-time dialogue with attendees.

BEEP uses a network of Beacons to enable Organizers, Exhibitors and Sponsors to deliver contextual, proximity-based and highly-personalized offers to attendees. Offers may take the form of discounts, rewards, case studies, whitepapers, testimonials, landing pages etc. Attendees curate a content library based on their areas of interests, thereby creating a “long-tail” for Exhibitor and Sponsor content. Agenda, Session info, Surveys, Social Chatter, etc. are also a part of the BEEP mobile app.

BEEP is currently available for download on iOS ( and Android ( Use (test) event code “654321″ when you download.

Organizers and Exhibitors get access to attendee entry and exit interactions, session attendance, check-in counts, etc. resulting in actionable insights informed by data.