Details: BeeBoard is the bulletin board re-imagined for the digital age. @GenEnchant

General Enchantment is a Boston-based tech startup that manufactures, markets and sells BeeBoard Granville, a combination bulletin board with space for an iPad, as well as BeeBoard Leeson, a wall-mount tablet holder. To bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, General Enchantment also develops the BeeBoard Social Digital Signage System, free iOS apps consisting of the BeeBoard Publisher (iPhone) and BeeBoard Viewer (iPad). The software platform enables users to easily and quickly create, publish and share digital bulletins from anywhere, extending the functionality and addressing the limitations of traditional bulletin boards. More information on our products and services can be found at The apps can be downloaded directly from the app store at:

BeeBoard Publisher (iPhone):

BeeBoard Viewer (iPad):