Details: Statement jewelry that is both eco-friendly & with an exceptional sense of social purpose: @artyfactos

Artyfactos (, is an accessories business that offers eco-friendly, unique statement jewelry, handcrafted by unprivileged artisan women in Latin America. Our products are 100% recycled made with all natural materials like orange peel, melon seeds, and tagua (vegetal ivory). Our designs are absolutely unique and interesting to look at. They also have an amazing natural orange and coffee aroma that you will love!
Our pieces are suitable for the office, the weekend or one of the most important days in a woman’s live: her wedding!!
When you purchase, together, we are able to create social impact by providing steady employment and manufacturing opportunities for artisans. These opportunities did not exist previously in Latin America, and they are so vital. In Colombia alone, there are 1.2 million people that depend on craftsmanship to make a living – 60% of them are women.
We are also making a valuable contribution by minimizing the negative environmental impact by using natural and recycled materials for our jewelry – 15 million tons of orange peel and unused seeds go to landfills every year contaminating the soil.
We have been featured in BostInno, Babson’s Center for Women Entrepreneurs and in the variety TV show The New You.