Details: Apotheker's honey sweetened chocolate features single origin Dominican cacao and raw tupelo honey @beesweetened

We believe chocolate is best enjoyed in its purest form: free of artificial ingredients and full of natural flavor. That’s why we lovingly handcraft our premium honey sweetened chocolate in small batches, using only all-natural goodness like pure raw honey and organic cacao from farms that exceed fair-trade standards. We source only single origin Dominican cacao that is directly traded, organic & kosher certified.Our bars are sweetened with raw tupelo honey from a small apiary that never treats their bees with antibiotics or chemicals of any kind.

Our one-of-a-kind pillowy, soft marshmallows are sweetened only with pure colorado clover honey free of chemicals & antibiotics, sourced from a 5th generation beekeeper.

Other simple ingredients include kosher & grass-fed gelatin, an aid for healthy skin, hair, nails and joints; and organic marshmallow root, an herb used since antiquity for soothing throats and aiding in digestion.