Details: is a unique online auction site that provides an exciting, game-like auction format while raising money for national and international charities. The site relies on variations of the bidding fee (a.k.a. “penny auction”) auction model whereby users purchase bids in advance to bid on a range of consumer products and gift cards. Each auction is associated with charities like Operation Smile, which helps correct cleft lip in underprivileged children in developing nations, to Operation Homefront which assists our country’s veterans and their families. The website sets aside $0.10 per bought bid that is placed to charity, with users deciding which charities benefit by choosing to bid on auctions associated with those charities. Users thus have the chance to win products at a total cost that can be 50% or more less than retail while at the same time raising money for causes they hold dear. The site has grown primarily through viral social media outreach and growth thanks to a range of social features and campaigns.