Details: With @AndrosRobotics actuators your company's service robot will be people-friendly AND affordable

Small and Mid size companies wanting to bring to market innovative collaborative robots, which are safe for use around and with people, are missing the right parts: force-controlled actuators. What’s available on the market today is too expensive for service robotics, and developing such technology in-house is too difficult for most. That’s why AndrosRobotics is now offering a low-cost, force-controlled (human-safe) actuator. It’s very easy to integrate into your own system, and it’s plug-and-play. We are democratizing access to human-safe robotic actuation. The first product to use our actuator is the Robotic Leg Advancement Device, a rehabilitation robot, which is being commercialized by our partner: Biodex Medical Systems of Long Island NY. Potential other uses are: elderly-assistive robotics, tele-presence robot manipulator arm, automatic door opener mechanism, etc. The Future is Force-Controlled.