ALL PPL would like to leverage the growing need for access in emerging economies. With high mobile phone accessibility and Fintech investment driving global innovation, particularly in Africa, ALL PPL is dedicated to providing an alternative and empowering finance platform that is accessible in emerging economies. ALL PPL’s aim is to develop a seamless and decentralized risk-sharing service that leverages Peer-to-Peer (P2P) funding though social networks. Our solution is to create a peer to peer exchanging platform based on social networks and peer vetting to allow consumers to exchange currency (in the form of money, mobile money or cryptocurrency), goods and services. The platform manifests in an app powered by smart contracts. All the transaction that are made on the ALL PPL app are recorded on the Etherum Blockchain network, which serves as a ledger for all Ether transactions. Since lending already happens naturally, especially in the informal sector, the traditional financial actors cannot cater to the growing demands of the unbanked population. There is a need for more resource sharing and flexibility in lending, especially for underbanked users who are limited by financial and resource access. Capitalizing on how people informally exchange resources and money with each other, ALL PPL automates a trust network catered to increasing access for underbanked users.