Agency Spotter makes finding the right creative agency easy!
Our digital platform uses technology and design to help businesses take their search from months to minutes and hire agencies with a lot more confidence.
Agency selection is a high pressure, risky decision for businesses. Today, marketers spend 3-6 months searching for an agency with an archaic, offline process that still results in 67% of CMOs reporting dissatisfaction with their current agency roster.
With businesses spending more than $760 Billion across more than 500k agencies worldwide (120k in the US), it is time to reinvent this marketplace.
Agencies get a permanent promotional presence that pays-off in two ways: valuable exposure with the right audience and targeted leads to help focus their new business efforts.
Agency Spotter’s mission is to reinvent the vertical marketplace around agency search, selection and management, making it easier for both sides to do business and focus on doing great work.