Details: 30hands Storyteller empowers students to create videos easily to learn + teach concepts @edsurge #MIN92

Stories are a basic part of the human DNA. 30hands Storyteller Web turns school into a video production studio. We connect and relate to ideas better through them, and we remember facts and concepts better and longer through them. Digital Storytelling brings together technology and stories to inspire creativity.

With 30hands Storyteller, you combine images, video and audio to tell your story or explain a concept. Once you have your story idea or the concept you want to explain, create storyboard frames from photos, graphics, drawings or short video clips. Drag them around into the order you want, and then narrate over the frames. With 30hands, it’s easy to re-record your audio to make it more energized or to change the narration, and you can swap out images and drag the frames around even after you’ve recording audio.

Once the story is complete, you can share it with the class or the world and publish it as a video.