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Vsnap makes it easy to record, share, and measure 60 second video messages as a warmer, more personal alternative to text-based communications. You can record right from your browser, or on our apps on Android and iOS, phones and tablets. Vsnaps...

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Freight Farms

Freight Farms use a unique blend of recycled materials, hydroponic growing and digital networking to create modular, expandable, portable and profitable production units that quickly and easily grow food ANYWHERE while expanding and creating...

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This is CUPPOW - our solution for easier drinking from a canning jar. The canning jar already makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed it doesn’t leak. The only...

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TheO™ is an entirely new ecosystem for mobile games, activities and learning. TheO™ is a uniquely designed foam ball that securely and safely encases an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smart phone. Players of all ages can have an entertaining...

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RaceMenu's all-in-one event management and marketing tools help event organizers lower their costs and increase attendance through bundled services and incentivized social sharing. Our core product is event registration, processed via our...

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Empower Talent Acquisition through Mobile: As more people depend on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, you need recruitment ads that look good on any device. Use RecruitingHop tools from SnapHop to connect with job candidates...

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Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Boston, MA, Noteflight, LLC is dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share, and use written music. Noteflight allows users to edit, display, play back and share music notation in a web browser, on...

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