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Reveal Pharmaceuticals

Reveal will improve safety and deepen insight for medical imaging. Reveal's platform technology addresses the need for safer MRI contrast agents and forms the cornerstone for precision imaging, the gateway to personalized medicine.


Read More has developed an Internet-based care coaching platform to provide 24x7 psychosocial and healthcare support for high-risk older adults in a highly engaging and cost-effective way. With, patients can talk with a captivating...

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A man wearing a Sunu Band. Sunu logo is included on the right


Sunu, Inc

The Sunu Band is a smartwatch that uses sonar echolocation and a GPS navigation app to provide its users with a safe and smooth navigation experience.

Designed to be complementary and subtle, the Sunu Band works in collaboration with your...

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Invu by Nuvo


Nuvo is an emerging leader in maternal-fetal connected health that seeks to reinvent Pregnancy Management for the 21st century with new technology, tools, and practices. The launch platform, Invu by Nuvo™, is medical grade, clinically validated,...

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Levisonics, Inc.

Levisonics is developing a novel platform for haemostatic assays that delivers more accurate and repeatable measurements using a fraction of the sample size compared to currently available technologies. This has huge implications for both...

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