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Apptegic is a cloud-based service that tells you how engaged each of your customers is with your business. We collect and analyze, in real-time, business and usage/behavior data from customer interaction with your online business. You can use...

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Orbeus is a computer vision company that helps computers see like human beings. Orbeus has developed an advanced computer visual recognition engine that combines facial, product/logo, scene and text recognition. On a very high level, we take...

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Azigo turns dealing with hundreds of emails and maintaining account relationships with your favorite companies into a fast, visual, enjoyable experience.

Family Safe System

Devices and services to help chemotherapy patients protect their families, homes and everyone's water from the dangerous drugs that pass through their bodies intact in the 2-5 days after infusions. The drugs, after they exit the patients,...

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Boston Landlord Reviews

Boston Landlord Reviews is a free internet site that allows prospective tenants to rate, review, and find the best property that fits their life-style. Prospective tenants will be able to view valuable landlord information from current and...

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A cloud based restaurant reservation solution.After account activation and widget installation restaurant operators may begin receiving real time reservations through their website and facebook fan page. Product enables restaurant patrons to make...

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Wellness Teas

ApotheCaring's owner/herbalist, Angie Adams, creates herbal tea blends to assist the body in the healing process. Her teas are not only good for the body, they taste great. Various herbal blends include Sleep Well, Allergy Relief, Fairy Tea...

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