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Local Pickins

Local Pickins is an online guide to specialty food and cravings in your neighborhood. From produce stands to butcher shops, pasta to cheese, ice cream to chocolate, cupcakes to bread, and farmers' markets to food trucks, we have foraged your...

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Lazy Gardner

Lazy Gardener, makes it easy to grow anything, anywhere, anytime.
It eliminates the top three causes of plant failure: over-watering, under-watering & root-zone diseases. It's a “set it and forget it” product. It cuts water use 8-...

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We make interesting, unique, whimsical cooking sauces and condiments. Fresh, seasonal, local all natural ingredients make our sauces delicious and meals easy to prepare. We sell at farmers markets, 3 stores in MA, and at Zabars in NYC.

Menuplatform is the easiest way for restaurants to manage their online menu information. It provides a simple menu submission mechanism and a Facebook application to display menus on the restaurant fan page.

A portal for antique enthusiasts to find antique shops, auctions, shows, and malls on a map, and for dealers to connect with each other and their customers. Includes the most comprehensive database of antique shops and events in the U.S., and are...

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TSA Core

TSA Core powers the technology behind your sharing business. Most sharing businesses operate largely online, and require a platform that allows users to exchange information, calendars, messaging and payment, while also providing a strong search...

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ChatTrack brings group chats and to-do notes together in the best interface for micro-tasking. Adding quick phrases, emoticon hashtags, voice notes, Google maps, links, and photos is fast without typing. Chat now with groups of friends on your...

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FamilyID is a web-based, do-it-yourself registration platform that makes it easy and cost-effective for organizations to offer the convenience of online registration. FamilyID lets parents find, recommend and register for programs from one...

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