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Luminaire Bravo 1

The LB-1 is a water delivery system which enhances your favorite manual brewing method. It provides hot water at any temperature for per-cup brewing at the press of a button.
Our patent pending technologies provide precise control of...

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Red White Boston iPhone app

The Red White Boston app brings you to the front door of the nearest wine shop. It tells you which five wines that store thinks are especially cool. And you can read (or listen, or watch a mini-video) about why the owners chose to stock it on...

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Have you ever "Plugged" into an event in real-time?
Plug from Mobinett Interactive is an engaging location-based Mobile platform that plugs all stakeholders (organizers, sponsors and attendees) into an event. Plug offers several...

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Chipalizer C TestVIEW

Chipalizer has developed a novel approach to create automated test systems for testing IC (Integrated Circuits). Our software reads "your product datasheet" and produces "device specific" test software with fully integrated...

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Cauzoom is the first funding platform for social projects that actively invites businesses into the equation. Every month, people from all over the world - and your neighborhood - invest their dollars in projects focused on a social need. We give...

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Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies is a news and information source offering compelling content and a unique voice that inspires smart, busy women between the ages of 22 and 55 to advance their agenda at work, at home, and in their communities. It is a place to have...

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Strappy the Holder

Strappy the Holder is a polypropylene belt attached to a stretchy ring. The belt is worn as a bottle carrier and by adjusting the size of the ring a person can attach various size water bottles. The Strappy may be coupled with "Bling for...

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