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A man wearing a Sunu Band. Sunu logo is included on the right


Sunu, Inc

The Sunu Band is a smartwatch that uses sonar echolocation and a GPS navigation app to provide its users with a safe and smooth navigation experience.

Designed to be complementary and subtle, the Sunu Band works in collaboration with your...

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Invu by Nuvo


Nuvo is an emerging leader in maternal-fetal connected health that seeks to reinvent Pregnancy Management for the 21st century with new technology, tools, and practices. The launch platform, Invu by Nuvo™, is medical grade, clinically validated,...

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Levisonics, Inc.

Levisonics is developing a novel platform for haemostatic assays that delivers more accurate and repeatable measurements using a fraction of the sample size compared to currently available technologies. This has huge implications for both...

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AliGo Mobile

AliGo Mobile

AliGo Mobile is a mobile orthodontic office specializing in Invisalign treatment & whitening services. AliGo Mobile partners with local businesses and office parks to provide on-site Invisalign consultation, care, and management, making it...

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TrellaGro LST

Trella Technologies LLC

Trella Technologies LLC creates energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems unique to the indoor farming industry. They have invented the TrellaGro LST(TM) which is an automated low-stress training solution which grows tall...

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