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Embr Wave Mass Innovation Nights 106

Embr Wave

Discover thermal relief on demand. At the press of a button, Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer so you can be more comfortable.
Whenever you start feeling too warm or cold, you can activate the temperature for an immediate shot of...

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Bloomer Bra

Bloomer Tech

The Bloomer Bra seamlessly integrates patent-pending, medical-grade, washable sensors into a bra that looks and feels like any everyday bra. The bra is connected to a smart phone app to provide users with an interface for personal insights from...

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Meeting Owl

Owl Labs

The Meeting Owl is a 360° video conferencing device that provides remote meeting attendees an experience that nearly feels like sitting in the room. It launched June 2017, and already over 1,500 companies are using the Meeting Owl to improve...

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Pong Robotics LLC

Pong Robotics is developing mobile robotics for "last mile" transportation, health and fitness, elder care, pain management, order picking in warehouses, and landscaping applications. The user's major muscle groups are beneficially...

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Klarity Intelligence, Inc.

Klarity uses Artificial Intelligence to review NDAs & sales contracts under your company legal policy. Klarity integrates seamlessly into your workflow and reduces the Time-To-Contract so your company experiences an increase in sales. Working...

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