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A scleral topographer which maps the shape of the sclera for the creation of specialty scleral contact lenses. The topographer uses a focused dot projection, and stereo geometry from 7 cameras to measure the 3D position of each projected point....

Tranquilo Mat

Tranquilo, Inc

Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go in a carrier or car seat! The mat helps baby transition from a mother’s womb to the world during the “fourth trimester” after birth. No longer snug...

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RC Survey 2.0

Relational Coordination Analytics, Inc.

Transform your workforce and work environment with the Relational Coordination (RC) Survey. The RC Survey is a scientifically rigorous, validated diagnostic used to transform working relationships and drive organizational performance. With seven...

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ABX Viscoelastics

Articulate Biosciences

The ABX product family is a portfolio of injectable viscoelastic gels for lubricating and cushioning diseased soft tissues. With an initial target therapeutic area in orthopedics, Articulate Biosciences' first product candidate will relieve...

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The ModiBrace is a modifiable back brace designed to offer improved scoliosis treatment. The brace can be easily adjusted to precisely target and correct curvature in the spine. The quick customizability of the brace results in the most accurate...

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wmnHealth from Dynamicly

Dynamicly is an initiative launched by Dynamicly Inc. to develop a conversational platform for women to tackle mental and neurological diseases. Women are known to be affected by mental illnesses and neurological disorders, such as depression...

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