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Current setup of beta pilot


smoodi, Inc.

Providing fresh and customized smoothies with our proprietary self-cleaning blending unit through an attractive subscription model: $3 per 16oz serving (comes frozen and prepackaged in the serving cup) plus monthly lease and maintenance fee of $...

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Cooling an AI processor


JETCOOL Technologies

The highest performance cooling for today's CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs. 10x better cooling. 10x smaller package sizes. JETCOOL's solutions are a perfect match for data center processors pushing the limits of AI and machine learning.

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Design2Recycle from Magnomer


Magnomer is commercializing magnetic coatings technology for plastic packaging. Their coatings can be used on packaging such as shrink sleeves - whole bottle labels which impede recycling. Their coatings aid material separation in the recycling...

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StrattyX is a beginner-friendly tool that automates your investing strategies based on real-world events in real time. In the 1950s, only 4% of people in the US owned stocks. That number has now grown to 54%, or 175M people. However, these 175M...

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FreightFlows provides a data analytics platform to source, synthesize, and analyze global seaborne trade data. FreightFlows integrates over 500 million daily data points to create predictive analytics and actionable intelligence for traders,...

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Keysie Key Wallets


Keysie Key Wallet: A new staple of luxury and convenience in a busy women's life, Keysie is also a godsend to all the women who frequently ask, "WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!!"  Unlike key beepers and locators who use high tech to locate keys after...
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