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The marketing platform that orchestrates and delivers analytics-driven, relevant and personalized customer communications across email, social, mobile and web channels.

Yottaa Website Performance Services

Yottaa makes websites faster. We provide innovative cloud services enabling our customers to assess, benchmark, monitor and optimize their websites and Web applications for a better user experience and improved ROI.Yottaa's services include...

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AbsoluteOne Home Drinking Water Filter

Pure1 offers the greenest home water filter available for your family. Using a patent-pending core that eliminates the need for (stainless steel components) at least two housings like those used in many other home filters, the AbsoluteOne Model...

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Brew1 Single-Serve Coffee Brewing System

Innovative mini-brewers that feature great taste, great value, "green" and eco-friendly, ease of use, small footprint, energy efficient ... and virtually unlimited variety of coffees and teas. Personal brewers ideal for home, office,...

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The KettlePizza is a product that will transform a kettle grill (like a Weber) into a charcoal or wood burning pizza oven. The products are made in Massachusetts and pricing starts at $99.95.


Evocatus is a community for discovering, sharing, and combining new tastes. Rate your favorite tastes and get custom taste recommendations tailored to your taste buds. Find the latest new taste products and extend your newfound good taste to...

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Ready-to-eat Quinoa Cereal

Our first product is a ready-to-eat Quinoa Cereal. Cooked in small batches, the cereal is made from whole grain quinoa (keen•wa), light coconut milk, real fruit and natural sweeteners. This protein-packed cereal is gluten and dairy free and is...

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Foodies of New England Magazine

Foodies of New England Magazine Launches
We are pleased to announce the launch of Foodies of New England magazine, a regional publication devoted to . . . foodies, of course!
Foodies of New England, which will be published three times...

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Local Pickins

Local Pickins is an online guide to specialty food and cravings in your neighborhood. From produce stands to butcher shops, pasta to cheese, ice cream to chocolate, cupcakes to bread, and farmers' markets to food trucks, we have foraged your...

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