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Conscioux Health App

Conscioux, Inc

Conscioux is an app to improve physical and mental health through plant-based diets. We provide over 8,000 recipes, connections with registered dietitians, and bonuses on health insurance through employer-plans. We are different because 1) we...

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UBERDOC The Right Doctor. Right Away.



UBERDOC is a web app that allows a patient direct access to any specialist for a single, transparent price using their health savings or credit card. No phone calls, no delays, no insurance hassles. UBERDOC is less expensive and less time...

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Yvesta D’Or LLC

GoodieKrunch™ - Yummy Crunchy Coconut Snack! Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic Coconut, no starchy corn or rice, completely GRAIN FREE!

Add it to oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream or just enjoy it on its own.

It is an affordable, healthy,...

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PhoneSafe System

Live Undistracted

Phone related accidents cost US commercial fleets over $2B a year. The PhoneSafe System from Live Undistracted addresses this issue by allowing Fleet Managers to effectively enforce their phone policies, promote good driving habits and eliminate...

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Obaggo Recycling, LLC

Obaggo is a kitchen appliance that enables you to recycle your plastic bags and packaging film, such as bread bags, cereal box liners, paper product overwrap, etc., in the comfort and convenience of your curbside recycling bin.