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WaveSense is radically accelerating the arrival of self-driving vehicles by tackling some of the most challenging problems that stand in the way of safe and reliable navigation.

Every road in the world has a unique subsurface signature....

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Bodega Bag

Bodega Bag LLC

Hate carrying in Groceries? The Bodega Bag is for you! The Bodega Bag allows you to carry all of your grocery bags on your back. Using the Bodega Bag is simple. Place the Bodega Bag in your grocery cart or on a flat surface. Put your grocery or...

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TechScreen is the world's only SaaS product that lets an IT recruiter conduct, score and document a detailed interview of an IT candidate without needing to know the underlying technology. 

Delete All My Data

Delete All My Data LLC

Delete All My Data blocks unauthorized access to your personal data by having it removed from the source – the data brokers that are collecting it. Thousands of these data brokers are buying and selling your data without your consent – join the...

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wiseHer is a technology platform providing on-demand expert advice, education and resources to help women thrive in their businesses, careers and lives. wiseHer offers real-time access to thought leaders and advice through a combination of human...

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"Fostering and Reuniting Pets. Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors. Saving Lives."
We are a nonprofit foundation and umbrella organization giving courageous domestic violence survivors a positive alternative preserving pet...

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Loco Coffee

Loco Coco LLC

Started by two friends looking for a healthier, more convenient coffee, Loco is bringing an upgrade to the coffee category. Loco adds coconut water for hydration and natural sweetness without any added sugar. Loco has only two simple ingredients...

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