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Vibechain is a peer-to-peer playlist making, music sharing platform that enables party organizers to bring the good vibes to their party. 

How does it work?

Imagine, you receive an invitation to the "Greatest Party!" To RSVP, you...

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Amooti is an e-commerce platform that empowers African artisans and fashion designers by expanding their market to people living in North America, who are interested in unique exotic handmade art and fashion. Amooti is providing easy access to...

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AfyaKit is a comprehensive health facility supervisory tool deployed on web and mobile. The tool provides cutting edge in-facility analytics for decision making by health sector across Sub-Saharan Africa. 



ALL PPL would like to leverage the growing need for access in emerging economies. With high mobile phone accessibility and Fintech investment driving global innovation, particularly in Africa, ALL PPL is dedicated to providing an alternative and...

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More than half of cyber threats are the result of a company’s employees, often the result of lack of awareness or a culture that undermines security.  CyberHabits is a cybersecurity awareness system that enables companies to measure and manage...

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Humon Hex


Humon, a company spun out of MIT, has developed the Hex, a wearable that helps athletes understand the limits of their body. The Hex prescribes optimal workout paces and intensities in real-time by measuring how muscles use oxygen, which is the...

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Pipeguard Robotics

Pipeguard provides leak detection robots and subscription to cloud based data analytics to municipal water utilities in order to help them plan and assess preventative maintenance.  Pipeguard's robots uses special sensors that can pinpoint early...

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