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DipJar Inc

DipJar enables cashless generosity via the first-ever device designed specifically for donations & payments via credit & debit cards. With DipJar, organizations large and small can collect new donations and capture new donors wherever...

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Call Silencer product image.

Call Silencer

Call Silencer Inc.

Call Silencer is a consumer device that silences robocalls on landline phones. Are you annoyed by unwanted calls at home or the home office? Are you worried your parents might become the victims of a phone scam? 100 times more effective.

GeneTune Technology


Have you ever wondered if and how dietary supplements or functional foods and drinks work? Would you like to have these products developed with the most cutting-edge scientific methods? Are you worried about product integrity? Look no further....

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Range Platform's embedded instant booking portal

Range Platform

Busie Inc.

The Range Platform includes all the essentials for bringing your charter carrier's operations online in an easy-to-use hub while giving them the ability to offer seamless online booking to their customers. It is the first integrated...

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Cyclops is a remote collaboration platform, powered by A.I.-based applications. The analogy - Slack is to IM as Cyclops is to video conferencing. Cyclops allows apps and bots to be built on top of our video conferencing platform. Some of the apps...

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Tempo from Tyme Wear

Tyme Wear

Monitoring breathing and movement has been difficult and not user friendly in the past. Bulky camera systems and face masks are the standard. We solved the problem by developing soft sensors integrated into garments to measure breathing and...

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Embr Wave

Embr Labs

Embr Wave is a revolutionary intelligent bracelet that hacks the way you feel temperature. It uses patented waveforms to precisely cool or warm the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, helping you feel 5 degrees cooler or 5 degrees warmer in...

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Recipi is a free tool that helps small businesses learn and compete in today's digital marketplace. Recipi gives hand-crafted recommendations, insights, training and resources to help improve a small business web presence. A user simply...

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