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Voda Inc.

Voda serves water utilities by providing affordable software that predicts future water leaks. This helps utilities prioritize capital investments, conserve water, and save money in operations.


Tettra is a knowledge management tool that lets companies share information and move faster. Tettra makes it easier to hire and get new team members up to speed; we let people share information more easily within and between teams; it helps...

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MondCloud, Inc

Mond Agile Platform is a low code, rapid application builder platform that empowers Enterprises to visually develop their entire application, easily integrate with existing systems (proprietary and legacy systems) and deploy them. Their Cloud...

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UbiquiTools LLC

REALToDo helps real estate teams and boutique brokerages that want to grow their business by reducing missed sales, increasing organization, and promoting strong teamwork. Our client relationship management and transaction management apps aim to...

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