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StrattyX is a beginner-friendly tool that automates your investing strategies based on real-world events in real time. In the 1950s, only 4% of people in the US owned stocks. That number has now grown to 54%, or 175M people. However, these 175M...

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Saarthi limb - Nonspec

Nonspec inc.

Short product description: We make high affordable, adjustable, and high quality prosthetic limbs for amputees around the world. We have designed a new ankle that allows for 8 degrees of adjustment, a thinner limb, and higher energy level...

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Awayr Auto - Awayr UAS

Awayr, Inc.

Awayr is an A.I. system that performs evaluation, data analytics and design augmentation for human machine interface design teams in the automotive and defense industries. The HMI design process is broken, leading to complex engineering products...

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DSP Wireless Inc. - DSPW

DSP Wireless, Inc. - DSPW

DSPW's latest product is the RCB-W24A-RHD32 WiFi recording system for electrophysiology research labs.

The RCB-W24A-32 combines continuous streaming WiFi data telemetry with 32 channels of bioelectric signal acquisition in one...

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