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Rain cape

Modern, high performance, fashionable rain cape for biking, walking, urban exploring. Inspired by the slow bike movement and liveable cities. Unisex and one size fits most. Really, you have to see it.

PPLUGG "career matters"

The PPLUGG Virtual Career Center supports and enhances university career services that prepare and coach students for a successful career through and after graduation. In addition, PPLUGG’s innovative online platform makes it easy for students to...

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Mommy and Me line

Silver and gold matching animal pendants to buy as a pair -- or just for sisters, friends, family, etc! Anyone can wear a matching charm with you.


Every year the Global 2000 spends over $5 Trillion on General and Administrative functions like Finance, IT, and HR. Without employee feedback, effectively structuring and managing these functions is impossible. The 42stats Servalytics SaaS...

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