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AppPack provides a quick and simple way for event goers to collect and share information via mobile. Business professionals can use AppPack as tool to go mobile with their message about their product or service so it can be collected and shared...

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Dancecard lets you share your online profile with people at your next networking event. Check in with the app and instantly review the LinkedIn profiles of your fellow attendees. Click a button if you want to meet them and "get on their...

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Splitzee is social commerce tool that lets you pay for things as a group. Everything from the tab at your reunion dinner to the ski trip with friends, Splitzee makes it easy to pay, track, and report on group expenses.

Bixby Bars

Representative of the turn of the 20th century, Bixby Bar harkens back to the fundamental values of our country when pure and natural defined our food. Bixby Bar is a mouthwatering and unique equation of premium chocolate+ nuts+fruits+spices =...

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A curated content network for home cooks that brings the best of the independent food world straight to your inbox. Our themed daily email features hand-picked recipes from up and coming bloggers and chefs along with expert cooking tips to help...

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