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TIMBRE is a musical term that represents the quality of a musical note or tone. Connecting users to quality songs and bands has quickly become the backbone of this location based music discovery app. Timbre quickly and easily finds a user's...

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Bureh Belts

Bureh handmakes belts from traditional fabrics and recycled metals, all in Sierra Leone. These fun, bright, colorful belts are not only great statement pieces but come with an incredible story and social mission.
Each step of the production...

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Independiva is a membership based social website just for women. We provide our members with a safe and simple way to search, connect, and meet each other based on similar interests and free time.
We are also getting ready to print branded...

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SqueeDogs is a point and click Facebook adventure game in which you can take your own customized doggy character into fantastic worlds to explore, collect goodies and save puppies. You play as a new puppy private investigator and take on missions...

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