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Inzuri App

iNZURi (translated from Swahili to mean "beautiful") is a beauty app created to make beauty discovery easy.
With our app you can sign up to receive complimentary samples, view in app video tutorials, purchase products you love...

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The mino shoe accessory fits seamlessly beneath your sock liner and automatically tracks the consumption of your running shoe. Using a escalating set of lights, it shows you when to change your shoes so you don't get hurt.

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Crowd Grant

Crowd Grant is a digital charity pool. Each month, one of our contributors wins the opportunity to choose where the pool is donated. As our community grows, so do our donations. Our goal? To make the world a more delightful place.


Xively is a Platform as a Service that provides everything you need to simplify and accelerate the creation of connected products and solutions. When your child’s onesie notifies your iPhone about his breathing patterns —that’s Xively. When a...

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