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WAVEPulse™ Sterilization

ONEighty C Technologies

WAVEPulse™ Sterilization technology fragment proteins, providing a high level of sterilization, disinfection, and deimmunization of organisms that frequently cause hospital-acquired infections and at temperatures that are compatible with heat-...

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Smartwatch for Seniors

WatchRx Smartwatch for Seniors

WatchRx, Inc.

WatchRx, is an IoT health solution for improved prescription adherence designed specifically to keep seniors independent and healthy. The comprehensive, coordinated solution is also designed to keep caregivers updated remotely and give healthcare...

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IV SafeT

IV Safe T

IV SafeT has re-imagined vascular access by inventing a medical device for a critical part of the intravenous (IV) pathway. The Lang Lock replaces the current luer lock, which secures the IV tubing to the IV catheter as well as to other IV tubing...

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CareZooming Logo


CareZoom LLC

CareZooming is a two-sided online platform connecting clinicians to one another for technical expertise on their next healthcare delivery project to improve patient outcomes, saving clinicians hours of their own time and hundreds of their own...

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Aavia is empowering women to take the Birth Control Pill on time, every time! Our team of engineers, designers, and MBAs developed a pocket-sized smart device with patent pending sensor technology that recognizes count and position of Pills in...

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Astarte Medical

Astarte Medical Partners

AstarteMedical has developed NICUtrition Guidance, a patient safety and compliance tool automating a hospital’s own enteral feeding protocol for preterm infants in the NICU. Guidance standardizes the practice of feeding by giving the NICU team a...

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