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Jack and Ferdi

Jack and Ferdi

Jack and Ferdi develops a business travel app for travelers looking to seize the full potential of their trip. Our app selects based on profile, location and travel objectives the "big 5" in the form of 5 most authentic dishes to eat, 5...

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Navitome is an online platform where authors can write content that customizes itself to the reader. Alternatively, an expert can customize content directly for a reader or class extremely efficiently. 

Publishing companies can analyze all...

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Ganderflock 360

Ganderflock 360 is an integrated customer experience solution designed by Ganderflock. We leverage the power of usability, diversity, and strategy to help our partners foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers and move at...

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Vinylmint is a marketplace that connects video producers to an award-winning community of musicians and voice actors from around the world to create custom sounds on demand. 



Vibechain is a peer-to-peer playlist making, music sharing platform that enables party organizers to bring the good vibes to their party. 

How does it work?

Imagine, you receive an invitation to the "Greatest Party!" To RSVP, you...

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Amooti is an e-commerce platform that empowers African artisans and fashion designers by expanding their market to people living in North America, who are interested in unique exotic handmade art and fashion. Amooti is providing easy access to...

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