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RISE cylinder

RISE Robotics

AMPLIFYING THE ELECTRIFICATION OF HEAVY MACHINERY - We partner with heavy machinery manufacturers to implement a fully-electric movement platform as a replacement for hydraulic systems. Built around a unique electrically-powered mechanical linear...

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Multiscale Systems

Multiscale Systems

Multiscale Systems is an advanced materials and advanced manufacturing firm developing commercial applications of mechanical metamaterial technology. Instead of creating new materials through costly chemical or molecular engineering, our approach...

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Distributed Data Security Using Amishare


Kinnami Software Corporation

Kinnami provides a hyper-resilient data platform that integrates data security, data protection, and data availability to help organizations combat growing cyber threats and other disruptions to their businesses. Kinnami’s platform, AmiShare...

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Robot arm and The Wand with menu interface on worksurface

Codiac and The Wand

Southie Autonomy

Southie Autonomy’s Codiac and The Wand is an easy-to-use robot arm solution enabling fast deployment of kitting, packing, and palletization tasks. Codiac and The Wand allows anyone to quickly tell a robot what to do within minutes using only...

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Hopper A.I.

Hosta Labs

Hopper A.I. converts images, 3D scans, and videos of interior structures into detailed lists of materials, sqft, objects, and customized insights, as well as 3D models and sketches.


Jaxon, Inc.

Jaxon automates data labeling to create training datasets for AI in minutes, a process that humans currently take months to do by hand. AI requires training data because machines cannot ‘read’ natural language like humans do and require labeled...

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JETCOOL's microconvective cooling technology provides 10x better cooling for advanced electronics that are powering global mega-trends in vehicle electrification, sensor fusion, and artificial intelligence.

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