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Easy Keysie Key Wallet bottom view

Keysie Key Wallets


Keysie Key Wallet: A new staple of luxury and convenience in a busy women's life, Keysie is also a godsend to all the women who frequently ask, "WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!!" Unlike key beepers and locators who use high tech to locate...

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Shira and Amal

Little Dove Studios

Little Dove Studios just earned its first seed grant from the Brandeis University SPARKTank Competition. Little Dove Studios is building what will become the first Arab-Israeli Hybrid Non-Profit Animation Studio in Jerusalem to produce the first...

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NeerChakra is a device specifically designed to solve water accessibility, storage, transportation and fetching issues in India and the other developing countries. NeerChakra replaces the conventional heavy water containers carried by women to...

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