Closing out the 2014 Mass Innovation Nights at District Hall with Autodesk as our sponsor just felt right.  One of our favorite spaces, it's awesome to have a separate presentation area and exhibit area, plenty of room to spread out.  Autodesk sponsored their second event of the year — the first one held in their Waltham location.  (It's always a good sign when a customer comes back, right?)  And speaking of coming back, thanks to our experts, Rich and Dan.  (This was the second Experts slot for Rich Hegarty — he's found it to be a great way to connect with new clients and give back.)

Even though it is the holiday party season, we had a great crowd come to help spread the word about local innovation.  The community generated lots of tweets, posts, Likes and links, and a general buzz of excitement.  We've also posted the presenter videos. Blogger/Tech Writer Janet weighed in with pictures and post!

Our American Airlines Business Extra winners were:

  • The Semenette — 5000 points
  • Sunsprite — 2000 points
  • FirmPlay — 2000 points
  • OshunUndies — 2000 points

 Happy Holidays to the most awesomest community!