When you want to show off Boston's Home for Innovation, District Hall, what better way to do it than "Gather" a bunch of food entrepreneurs? 

Our baker's dozen of food entrepreneurs showed off everything from Veggie Fries to Pizza the app, from a way to close up a soda can (The Cappy) to CogniTea (a way of life and tea), from Haitian relish (SPICY Craic and Blonde) to beautiful salts from Afar.  We had Chef Set Meals and Undiscovered Kitchens, EnerChi Bites and Mohka Origin coffee.  DrinkMaple and Phfeast.

Congrats to our winners!  These products were your favorites:

  • Grand MIN Winner — Phfeast
  • Runners up – The Cappy, Chef Set Meals and EnerChi Bites

We were also thrilled to be able to give our winners prizes specific to their businesses thanks to these prize sponsors:

Our experiment with Scoopr Media seemed to be working too.  (Prizes for the top images will be forthcoming. So many pictures to sort through!  We have gift bags with presents from Craic and Blonde, Ana Sortun Chef Sets, Cuppow and more!)

And, most importantly, our Mass Innovation Nights Community was there to help get the word about local innovation and great new products. Darn tootin' we were trending — the #MINFoodie7 hashtag was getting out in droves. Check out the tweets and more from the evening!  Awesome blog post from Sprout Lenders