Have to start off this round-up/follow-up blog post with a big shout out to the Intrepid Labs team and the residents of this cool loft/co-working space.  Entrepreneurship isn’t a 9-5 gig but at 5:00 pm everyone put away their work and helped transform the space into Mass Innovation Nights #42. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all the participants.  Without great partners like you, Mass Innovation Nights couldn’t exist.
We load up the video and pictures we took, and connect to you and your blogs, your Tweets (did we connect to your Tweet in our Storify?), and status updates about the companies and the cool new products they launched last night.  Remember our credo, “If you see something cool, blog about it, Tweet about it, Like it, post a video or picture online, or just tell someone.”  With more than 200 people in the room, we have a sizable network of contacts and together we can make a difference.  What was your favorite new product?  Adopt it.  Make it your mission to make that product successful.  Because when local companies are successful, we all win!
One of the first pieces of event coverage is from Xconomy.  Our location right off Kendall Square made it easy for Greg Huang to join us and check out the new products, especially our featured products for the evening.  Tech recruiter Doug Schade also stopped in to lend his support. Doug, were you there for the Rapid Fire Job Ops? Sounded like a lot of folks were looking for tech help! And speaking of tech, tech writer Janet turned in her usual missive (and pictures!) We also got some blog love from Louis Hatziz — Mass Innovation Nights was his first start-up event in the U.S.!  We’ll be seeing Louis next week at Crowdfunding Innovation too. Will you be there too, supporting the next wave of new products?  The Intrepid Team also did a roundup post, giving a shoutout to their top 5 favorites.
More coming soon!