On what could be called the best date for a food event (“ate, ate” or August eighth), hundreds of innovation supporters crowded the CummingsTradeCenter 128 Atrium to sip, snack and savor local innovation.  The Annual Mass Innovation Nights Foodie event, hosted by Cummings Properties and sponsored by Roche Brothers and Hyperion Law, was a big draw, both for new friends and old.  More than our usual visibility event, MIN41 was notable not just for the food innovation surrounding our hundreds of guests but for the real connections and impact it provided for local businesses.
We also got to play another round of rapid fire job ops.  Here’s just one example — Bakepedia is looking for a COO/CTO to come on board.  Bakepedia.com, The Baker’s Resource, is a multi- media and cross platform content provider. (Even if you aren’t looking for a new job, worth checking out the site’s lip-smacking home page.)
We were astonished at the speed and depth of the deal-making, partnering and in general business being conducted while people were having a great time, and snacking.  We were also impressed by how quickly people took to the “airwaves” to help broadcast the messages from our group of 14 innovators. 
We’ll be connecting right here to the stories people create over the next few days. Drop us a note or a tweet if you get a chance — we’ll look for blog posts, pictures and video, etc. to connect to but getting a heads up helps.  Thanks for coming out to support local innovation!
Check out these photos from Jeff Cutler — see if you can find yourself! (Some of the food photos are drool-worthy.)  Rachel Greenberger obviously had a great time, and wins the land speed record for blog-writing.  We’re also seeing blog posts from our innovators, like ThriveSpot and Bell Tower.  MIN VIP Blogger Janet Egan (tech writer extraordinaire) wrote an epic and still didn’t make it to all the tables.  The Cummings team’s Flickr stream is chock full of wonderful pictures — again, can you find yourself? And visit our channel on YouTube – check out the presentations and see how a Mass Innovation Nights event goes from setup to full-on party mode! And, check out this gorgeous video from Timeless Lens — wow! And, Bobbie’s Mass High Tech blog post, of course.
And, yes, the Foodies did “Flock to Mass Innovation Nights!”  (We think that while you can never have too many cupcake trucks, the Pipe Dream Cupcake truck is our personal fav because, well, we feel somewhat “responsible”. Nadine and Emily from the Fashion Truck did connect through our Lowell event, and a new business was born.)
And, even our experts got their blog on!  Scott Saunders from Bosco (who also consults with foodies about getting their products both on and off the supermarket shelf) says, yes, there is innovation in food!