This week's Featured MINovator is MasksOn and Sanjay Vakil. Sanjay was a product showcaser at our very first Mass Innovation Nights, all the way back in April 2009. His newest project,, is a non-profit working to build and send protective gear to healthcare clinicians. provides emergency face Mask Kits free-of-charge to clinicians who do not have access to FDA approved PPE. They are currently raising funds in order to provide this equipment for free.

COVID-19 continues to overwhelm hospitals across the world, creating a dire shortage of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that keeps front-line healthcare providers safe. The situation is particularly dire for clinicians performing the highest risk procedures on COVID positive patients. Maskson is addressing a critical gap during which health care workers are left unprotected. Clinicians in Italy and Spain were rapidly infected, and many experts believe this was a major contributor to the scale of the disaster there. We need to act immediately to avoid a similar situation here in the United States, and literally every day counts. Here’s how to help them: You can contact Sanjay directly, or make a contribution to their GoFundMe campaign.