The Mass Innovation Nights community is just that – a community. And there are all kinds of awesome people in our community.  As we all struggle with our new COVID-19 shaped reality there are some people and organizations we want to call your attention to.  Maybe we can ignite enough interest in their products and services to help support them in this weirdest of times. We're calling this series The Featured MINovators.

Our first Featured MINovator is Erik Modahl and Beantrust Coffee. If you've spent time at a co-working space in the Boston area, you've likely come across Erik sharing his coffee, his coffee knowledge and a friendly conversation. Erik doesn't discriminate. He also shares good talks over tea and chocolate as well.

Erik's business is shaped around the ability to go into office businesses and coworking spaces and events.  Now he's offering his high-quality, ethically sourced coffee direct.  (Isn't it what every home office needs?) Or, maybe you need a reward for your hard-working at-home team?  Think about a gift certificate.