It was August 2013 that I got my first taste of black salsa from Villa Mexico Cafe at MIN 53 in Woburn at MINFoodie #5. OMG.  I like my Mexican food and have tried lots of it (ask me about my fish taco obsession) but this was so outrageously good – I went home with a jar that night. Whenever I hit the Financial District in Boston for meetings I'd stop in for a hit. And yes, I know I can order it online

But like all restaurants, Villa Mexico Cafe is a small independent restaurant at a time when no one is able to go to restaurants. Their desireable financial district location means they aren't The Local Business Near My House for a lot of us. According to the Villa Mexico Cafe team (Mama Julie King and daughter Bessie), "Did you know it costs $40,000 to $45,000 PER MONTH to stay open and operate? Thank God for burritos and salsa! We are prepared to keep up the hard work and dedicated to stay open to serve you and give our employees a paycheck, but we are not too vain for ask for help. Right now, we need help."

You can help this MIN alumni company and eat very very well in the process. Check out their COVID HELP page for ideas.